Social Hostel Truck

We believe that many people dream of traveling the world in a different way, arriving where few arrive to give shows and smiles, with the art by flag and the curiosity to discover to the local artists like guide. We are also convinced that many value the autonomy and guarantees that a truck like the Dream Warrior offers and the fact of having an experienced team to man it.

Therefore, we decided to open the truck to travelers and families who want to travel a bit of the world with us in exchange for financially supporting the project Somriures Nòmades. In each case, the viability of the meeting with the people interested in the success of the expedition will be studied.

It is important to note that in any case, the Somriures Nòmades project will always remain committed to the fulfillment of its objectives, which can be summarized as meeting local artists and conducting free shows and workshops. All travelers who take the Social Hostel Truck formula should make these goals their own, adding to the basic essence of the project.

An indispensable requirement for riding in the Dream Warrior is to have travel insurance and carry with you a lot of respect, patience and the right amount of adventure spirit.

Nomadic Smiles offers travelers or families who come to the Dream Warrior, lodging and food (but obviously in every place where they wish, and whenever possible, they will be free to stay or eat on their own).

We are open to agree, as far as possible, changes of route to visit artists, communities or attractions of interest to the traveler.

Nomadic Smiles also offers the possibility of recording and producing a professional quality video that reflects the experience of the traveler or family. Its cost will be fixed depending on the characteristics and duration that the traveler wishes.

Nomadic Smiles will assess in each case, after knowing the availability and interests of the travelers, the economic outlay based on the envisaged mileage and at a fixed price per person per night.

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