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Support us to reach more kids from 0-99 years old who need the smiles, happiness and joy. With your help we can make the world better than we have now.

Please consider adding a donation to Nomadic Smiles.

We provide a different culture through the shows to over 16,000 kids every year in the world that rely on us.

The below table shows the distances and the kids reached with the time passes when the project goes.

On average, approximately €1,200 is needed to maintain the project alive.

Month (s) Km (s) Kid (s)
6 7,250 8,000
12 14,500 16,000

The table shows more details about the consumption of the Dream Warrior.

Gasoil (L) € needed Km (s) reached Kid (s) reached
15 15 50 55
30 30 100 110
50 50 166 183
100 100 330 360

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