Alt TextMaruca – Chipas (Mexico)

Artist truck

We want Nomadic Smiles to be a shared project. That’s why we open the doors of the Dream Warrior truck to all those artists or companies that want to travel with us a part of the way.

The requirements will be: to have a show, an artistic number or some kind of scenic or musical proposal that can fit with ours. In addition, you will be asked to have travel insurance and bring with you a lot of respect, patience and the right amount of adventure spirit.

Nomadic Smiles offers artists or guest company accommodation in the truck and food. Obviously, Somriures Nòmades will make available to you the sound equipment, the scenic infrastructure and all the juggling and circus material that we will take with us.

We are open to all kinds of artistic exchange proposals with the invited companies and to agree, as much as possible, changes of route and visits to the local artists who are interested in knowing.

Nomadic Smiles also undertakes to record and produce a professional-quality video free of a maximum of 5 minutes duration about the experience of the invited artist or company.

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