Nomadic Smiles is a traveling socio-educational, cultural and audiovisual project in which puppets, clowns, circuses, music and children’s animation carry smiles around the world in collaboration with local and international artists. Our targets are the kids from 0-99 years old, with dances, stories, many interactions and the most important for us full of values that add to your work and the life of yourself. As we sing and play, words such as dreams, exchange, nomads, smiles and countless values emerge.

Nomadic Smiles uses the performing arts and artistic exchange as tools for social transformation. How?

  • Approaching local traditions and artists to learn, share and collaborate in joint shows.

  • Performing creative workshops linked to the world of the performing arts by local associations and groups.

  • Working as a platform to receive all those artists who want to join the project.

  • Claiming the cultural heritage of the people through the dissemination of audiovisual material collected during the trip.

General objectives

Use scenic arts such as children’s animation, puppets, circus and clown, to create spaces of joy and fun with the public, to generate artistic collaborations between artists from all over the world, and to claim the cultural heritage of the people.

Specific objectives:
  1. Zoom in the world of performing arts to entertain and entertain.
  2. Encourage artistic expression and creativity through puppets and circus techniques by local associations and groups.
  3. Generate spaces of exchange and collaboration between artists from all over the world.
  4. Produce documentary audiovisual material of different traditional and contemporary artistic expressions of each place.
  5. Claim the richness and cultural diversity of peoples.
What Do we do?

Nomadic Smiles, with the Dream Warrior (the truck) which symbolizes a large ship that brings social awareness on its route through the earth, traveling on a planet without borders and pretending that many realities and voices are seen and heard.

  • To improve the psychosocial conditions in which people live, especially boys and girls in impoverished territories through playful and pedagogical actions.
  • Raise awareness for peace and justice in the world.
  • To contribute to the rapprochement and cultural recognition of the different peoples and societies in their diversity, spreading and being the speaker of different local initiatives and efforts of so many groups and movements in favor of dignity and social justice.
  • To foster a social conscience that, through the critical analysis of different realities and exchanges, generates reflections and actions of solidarity, both in the world in which it is reached and of which it is part, to achieve a more equitable societies.

Playful pedagogical actions directed especially to children.

Actions to raise awareness and socio-cultural exchange between peoples, acting as a speaker of local groups, their demands and disseminating them.

Direct non-violent advocacy actions.

We also offer talks to the schools, universities or other organizations.

We share about how we chase our dreams. Usually it is 1 hour duration.

Our moto is:

Follow your dreams, they know the way.

This part is another value of our project.
Every show, we ask that children bring food, fruit vegetables, oil, pasta, rice, etc., to practice the exchange with them and to live it first hand. What they take is to feed us. This is an important moment. Do not worry if it is too much we give to local entities that work with people with needs.
We also ask Gasoil as it is the food for the Dream Warrior.

The main part of the project is maintained by the exchange. We share about this experience every time at the end of the show. It doesn’t mean that money is not important or useless, what we are doing is to prove that not everything only worked by money. Moreover, when we have too much food we donate to the people who need more than us.