Methodology. How to intervene?

Always prioritize previous contact and organization of our shows and workshops, provided free of charge, through local groups or institutions, also artists. This contact is not possible prior involvement and seek permission from local authorities before initiating any action.

– Possible Counterparts:

Schools, orphanages, associations, NGOs, local communities, culture houses, shelters, refugee camps, etc.

– Artists with whom we collaborate:

Puppeteers, musicians, children’s entertainers, oral narrators, traditional artists, clowns, jugglers, dance groups, circus or theater, etc.

– How to contact them?

Through e-mail, telephone or through other similar groups or artists with whom we have worked previously in other cities or communities. Eventually, if none of these methods is possible, establish contact with them on our arrival.

– Why consider important collaboration with local groups and organizations?

Because the relationship with them is vital and necessary to understand the context, the social and the local worldview, thereby generating a joint intervention appropriate and agreed to the project’s success recreational and educational. In addition, local groups are certainly those who know their community and that we can better target level logistics.

– What prompted the counterpart?

A safe location for our show truck and help in obtaining permits action if they were accurate, institutional support, dates and times of shows and / or workshops, dissemination of the call to ensure a good attendance.

Why seek collaboration with local artists?

First, because we really wanted to know the reality of African art, learn from it and create together. Secondly, because we claim the heritage of the peoples by audiovisual support. And thirdly, because we intend to become an itinerant platform to receive and allow artists from around the world meet and work together.