The members of the Somriures Nòmades team have experienced firsthand theatrical performances in the framework of humanitarian cooperation in places such as Saharawi refugee camps in southern Algeria, Mexico, Ecuador, Catalonia.

They have also performed shows outside the framework of humanitarian cooperation in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Guatemala, Mexico and Spain.

On the other hand, they have collaborated as volunteers of different NGOs in Ceuta, Mexico and Ecuador.

In addition, from the theoretical point of view, several of the components of the team have specific training in the world of cooperation (masters and postgraduates, all of which are listed below in the section on resumes). As a consequence, we are critical of some models of cooperation and we are committed to the exchange, collaboration and horizontality with local agents.


From the experiences gathered in the previous section, we have verified the importance of developing a playful-pedagogical proposal together with local groups, which have always valued very positively our activities and have expressed the desire to welcome them again.

We have found that:

  • Culture is a tool to generate social transformations.

  • The exchange of experiences and knowledge among artists enriches us all.

  • The collaboration between artists of different origins underscores the dignity of our activity.

  • Art in general, and stage in particular, contributes to the well-being of people by creating situations in which their imagination is stimulated, distracting, amusing, enriching their mental universe. We believe in art!

  • It is demonstrated that laughter and comedy, particularly among the most disadvantaged populations, improves their psychological conditions.

A little story of how it all started …

(In charge of Jordi Vila, journalist and reporter for TVE-2.)

Understanding where Nomadic Smiles arises is not especially complex to explain. Although understanding the nomadic essence full of smiles that accompany it, it is a challenge that forces us to go back more than a decade ago.

Roger Tarroja, Toti, the engine of this story, I met him in the first year of the Social Education Diploma. I remember a very restless young man with a crazy desire to change the world. Always looking for a different way of life, away from what most people want to make us believe and usually impose us very subtly …

Toti became independent with his first dog, “Wolof”, – in honor of an African language – a boxer, who would accompany him for many years in his first child entertainer shows. And we already have Toti, a guitar, a sound equipment, a boxer and … Soon after would come one of those typical 60s hippies that so many times have seen in alternative films: a VW BUS. He discovered it in my neighborhood. He called and bought it the same day, that easy!

With the hippie van, Toti and his troupe have taken their dances and songs to practically all the squares of the towns of Catalunya, always making small and old people dance.

But Toti Roger has long ago Catalunya is small. That is why he has already taken his guitar and his songs to Africa, Europe, Latin America and even to Antarctica. Where he has gone he has learned from those who, like him, are not afraid of the unknown, nor of the uncertainty of what the next trip will be like. He knows that the world is smaller than it seems and also knows, because he has lived it, that after the great deserts come great seas full of opportunities. That is why he has known for years that he will travel the world.

But before starting the big trip and after starting a bar he had to transform his house into his own Youth Hostel. And so he did. The Mambo Tango has become one of the best rated youth hostels in Europe and the World. Now, a Swiss fire truck that he himself has turned into a house to test the most difficult roads, he waits impatient to realize his dream: NOMADIC SMILES

There are people who do not dream … Others do not for fear of what they will dream …

There are few who confront them and bet everything because of their illusions …

Totilism has always been and always will be. You will recognize them because they are rebels, they go against the current and they can leave you desplacados at any moment. They are also tireless workers and very, very enterprising … And also travelers, open to new experiences, without fears or conventions … But above all things each of these people are alive, really live!

I know one, he is a friend of mine



Also, they obviously have the ability to convince you that each one’s dreams are possible.

Toti has always argued that the best school is the trip, and that learning is in the exchange, as well as personal growth in facing the challenges. Motivated by this love of the unknown, always aware of its course and respecting the direction of others, it has been lucky to meet people and groups from many countries with broad social, cultural and advocacy trajectories, which have been adding to this Vital project, convinced that another world is possible and necessary.

Always listening to everyone and making use of his outstanding capacity to enhance and join in the projects of others, Toti has managed to make collective and emerging new ways to transform this world. And this is how, by cultivating nexuses, concerns, causes, people, projects, and complementing with the diverse experiences in the social and cultural field, has now made the dream of Nomadic Smiles emerge. Wanting to join the demands of so many peoples and collectives.

Thus, this social and cultural initiative is its next great challenge, a precious challenge shared by many.

Toti is clear when he argues that the project is not his, but a collective process fruit of the work and commitment of numerous people, who have joined without egos and with deep love to this cause.

And without hesitation, we also know that this would not have been possible without the illusion and perseverance that Toti always conveys. And without the passion with which he undertakes all his projects: now, of committed travelers.

With them it is easy to smile and feel nomadic in the quest for human justice and dignity.

I have to warn you that sooner or later we will introduce or join in some other feat, so is this free entrepreneur.

Having such a person so close invites to break the idea of all those who think that goals and personal legend are made from the couch.