Nomadic Smiles

The NGO, Nomadic Smiles (CIF G-65605354), a non-profit socio-educational and cultural based project. We are from Barcelona, Catalonia.

“Smiles” with them as they work to improve the world as far as we can.

“Nomadic” as they travel and maintain an essence in order to get closer to the realities and peoples of different continents.

We believe in the brotherhood of all human beings that inhabit the Earth. We recognize the inhabitants of the same planet together, belongs to all and all.

We recognize the richness of cultural diversity and promote dignity, recognition and appreciation of the identities of different peoples and cultures committed to solidarity with those responsible and respectful. Solidarity is a feeling of unity and commitment that creates social bonds between people, creating a team for a common goal and mutual benefit. In short, solidarity is the tenderness between people, our motto: “Nomadic Smiles.”

We want to leave the world better than when we found it. With the increasing global inequality and injustice, we are men and women that express our desire for social transformation with a personal commitment, considering that a better world is not only possible, but necessary.

We value and promote the active engagement, personal and collective commitment to an associative structure based on austerity and transparency of our actions.